An Uninvited Member of the Only Human Race-Living in the Twilight Zone

by Susan Dunn Cobb


This is a gift of love for all the Sandee Hortons in the world. Hang on! You have infinite value to not only the children you bring into the world but above all else, your heavenly Father who understood what you would have to go through and planned from the beginning to send his only son into the world to rescue the perishing and give them eternal life. Jesus loves you! He willingly chose to sacrifice his earthly life to suffer the humiliation of the cross for any and all of us who would follow after Him, and He did that while we were yet sinners. Now that’s something the world systems can’t touch!



In Whom Can We Trust?


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If it is learned that the state removes newborns who have just been delivered at hospitals and these taken for arbitrary causes, what parent would ever elect to risk delivering their precious babies at any hospital? If anyone’s infant can be taken without evidence of wrongdoing and without conviction from a trial before one’s accusers, then the truth is the ability to bring your precious bundle home may well depend upon the discretion of minimally educated Child Protective employees.

What incentive would these civil servants have to justify doing such a thing to American citizens, you may ask? It appears that their federally funded agencies and their careers stand to benefit from removing children. This unchecked, non-elected, and poorly supervised group of government employees have been granted authority to destroy families, incarcerate vulnerable infants and children while placing law-abiding citizens in a vice-like grip under color of law. The great irony is these babies are taken after parents have sought the best medical care for their families, chosen the safest possible situation to deliver, trusted their doctors with their lives and indirectly trusted their government.

Childbirth is one of the most precious times in a person’s life and also the time of greatest vulnerability. When anyone’s newborn can be taken without evidence of wrongdoing and without conviction from violating any law, then constitutional rights of all citizens have been effectively circumvented and rendered null and void. There is no defense against this tyranny. There is no protection. In essence, there are no parental rights. It would appear that any decisions parents make for their children must align with the wishes of those who own the child, the state. Who could ever feel safe living in a nation who claims ownership of our most precious possession, our children?

Baby Holm was incarcerated at birth, simply because his parents have a religious faith that runs counter to our politically correct current governmental indoctrination to dialectical humanism. Christian and Danielle Holm were horribly violated by those in whom they trusted with their lives. Christian Holm represents both his family and his beliefs well. He is an excellent spokesman for the unwitting cause he now finds himself in the center of. At the minimum please consider signing this petition. 

Christian believers worldwide presently live in a post-Christian society and are facing minority status in these historic and transitional times. Being reduced to irrelevancy, people of faith are quickly finding themselves subject to the intolerance and prejudice of a society which has grown up around them with counter beliefs. It is most unfortunate. With hatred increasing rampantly, none could be more severe than the crime which removes our rights to raise our own children, no pain worse than ripping our suckling newborns from our arms.

As an entire generation has been exposed to negative conditioning regarding anyone of faith, we have watched our legal and judicial system permeated with changes no longer protecting the vulnerable innocent. We have observed media and entertainment industries continuously mocking those who would take a stand for the Bible, contemporary literature slamming religious believers, the educational system completely sanitizing and removing any mention of the Judeo-Christian God from their curriculum, and the news media refusing to fairly represent any of the multitudes of Christian causes we are so passionately involved with. It is quite an anomaly that bad is now good and good is bad. Who can we call to defend us?

Who do we trust? Who do we turn to now? Can anyone question why we embrace and cling with all of our heart and all of our strength to our God? He alone will deliver us. He alone will care for all of our slain children and stolen babies. In our suffering, we will stand for not only our beliefs but our right to have them. This crime against Christian and Danielle Holm is universal to all. Our hearts are moved to action and our prayers accompany everything we now choose to do. I invite everyone to examine the matter and consider where your heart is because it will continue until something is done to protect us all from the stranglehold of this injustice, until something is done to bring all of the babies back home.


So What Happened?

Last night it was perplexing the watch the various newscasters scrambling for something to say when they were forced to recognize who had just won the election. It was strange to watch them shaking their heads in disbelief at what they were witnessing. They called it the story of their lifetime saying it had never happened before and would probably never happen again. I call it perplexing because there was no surprise from the camp who pulled it off, only joy. It was a quiet American Revolution apparently if we are to believe they truly had no idea it was going on. It went off without a hitch and was a total victory for a demoralized population who had been fretting and stewing for many years. Elections and re-elections had not helped and hope was dwindling. We felt bound by invisible chains and searched in vain for a deliverer who would come and “let my people go free.”

What happened, you might ask? The machinery in place used for so long to control and manipulate the citizens of this great nation was disassembled, piece by piece, meme by meme, and hashtag by hashtag. It was a media revolt, a revolt against high crimes and misdemeanors, a revolt against lying, cheating and stealing from the people. Daily as the media ground out the normal diet of sewage and lies, we the people stopped swallowing. We dispensed our own version of the truth with the resources the social media freely and cheerfully provided. We learned to spot double-speak and propaganda; we learned to ignore well-compensated trolls, studying their manipulative and deceptive arguments. We studied Saul Alinsky, read the Qu’ran, reviewed our “actual” American History, and stopped feeling ashamed for everything we believed in. We stopped agreeing with everything that was force-fed and spit most of it out, quietly and unseen. The state propaganda was both mocked and rejected, but they never realized to what extent. After witnessing enough insults to our sensibilities, we learned to risk all and take a stand, spreading our new found courage throughout the internet. The fact that social media began censoring our conservative speech did not stop us. I don’t even think it slowed us down. We made alternative accounts to fight back when we were put in Facebook jail. We grew even more determined to have our free speech and grew a backbone where gelatine once resided. As the government forcefully eliminated our political “tea party” they were unable to prevent the one quietly moving as a wave across the nation. We learned to laugh at the slander and pushed forward with the truth. In short, we became the media, the true media.

It is unfortunate that it is no longer possible to trust the presently owned corporate news, the government elected officials, the schools, the medical profession, the courts, the administrative divisions of the government and even some of the leaders in the churches, but we will get over it. Now we are tied into a huge personal network sharing a common cause. It is a cause united behind the rule of law, respect for life (everyone’s), protection of the lives we have responsibility for, the Constitution, protecting our military of both civilian and armed forces, and love of freedom. It is a cause determined to rid shame and fear from religious beliefs, protect marriage and family, and uphold the delicate fabric of society within the Judeo-Christian moral and legal structure. It is a cause filled with hope for restoration.

After such a long dry season of waiting, the greatest news for all of us was to find someone willing to lead. It was someone who listened to the groanings of the people, someone who put their ear to the ground to hear the cry for relief, and someone who would be willing to sacrifice everything to accept the challenge. For all of those who were unable to silence the revolt against this present government, it is time for them to be properly introduced to the previously silent majority. Trump may be chief sinner on The Hill, he may be a wild card, and he may even be completely unmanageable, but we are happy to announce we finally found someone to say, “You’re fired!”

Have a Nice…Purge

Learning that Obama spent over three hours privately at the White House with the Black Lives Matter leaders, it is my opinion that our community-organizer-in-chief must be getting excited to try out his new United Nations police force. He has artfully both undermined and attacked the civilian military we now have, and step two is ready to go.

Curious about step one? It has been brilliantly masterminded, and an army of well placed individuals have brought it about. Obama has only been required to sign his name and do the other thing he does best. Organize. All the federal agencies, from the benevolent accountants of the Internal Revenue Service to the innocuous offices of the Department of Education, now have many new military toys they can play with for the first time. Our actual military has been decimated, humiliated, and pesky generals at the top all fired.

Remember the Strong Cities signed into law with the stroke of his pen? This order allowed an international police force to become involved with our citizens and this police force is not required to take an oath of loyalty to our constitution. This executive order also contained a clause for universal weapons confiscation. July 1, 2016, another executive order was signed, entitled United States Policy on Pre- and Post- Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force. This one has managed to do away with that irritating Posse comitatus thing and now we can all be shot or caged without the preliminary requirement of outside aggression. This beautiful little document allows the president to declare martial law during peace time. Google it. It is an interesting read and another piece of constitutional disassembly slipped in while everyone was busy with daily life, trusting our government to know what is best for us. We were all waiting to see how he would be able to declare martial law in order to perpetuate his new dynasty of change in America. The final details have been arranged.

Plans can change. What if they declared a war and nobody came? We have the choice to pray for our nation and our thin (very thin) first line of defense, the cops and fireman. We have the choice to decide who we are as a true patriot of everything this nation stands for, a nation under God, a nation of all people groups living together and loving one another in peaceful harmony, a nation who would give their life for one we do not know just because we care.

This is a good day to stay at home, locked and loaded. If you are on the BLM parade circuit it might be a nice day to visit some friends who are not. Bring the pets and the photo albums. If the house burns you won’t care so much. I’m sorry. We all want a peaceful life. Sometimes that can’t be arranged. This is our come to Jesus moment. No really, you should. You should come to Jesus. Then you should decide how you want to come to Jesus. How do you want to be found right before you see Him, and what do you want to be found doing these final days of your life? Make it count because it does matter. You matter, and you matter to Him.

Happy Fatherless Day!

Happy No Father’s Day to the multitudes who completely understand this title, and for all the ones who have no concept of what a daddy is except for what they learned while watching the Hallmark specials at Christmastime. Give yourself a happy day. Yes, you are a survivor. You may walk with a hidden limp inside your soul, but you are rugged and deserve to give yourself a pat on the back for doing so well. Look around. We are a nation of the fatherless.

When the wounded returned from World War II, many were hurt so deep that escaping into a bottle was the treatment of choice. PTSD and the therapy for it was reserved for those who were non-functional; the majority had to man up and return to the business of living. These tough guys had damage to their souls equally severe but they struggled as aging, brave soldiers to maintain, to provide, to continue. Their detachment produced sons bereft of a daddy’s love and involvement, sons who grew up to tame their passions in a drugged fog; their daughters grew to believe a father shouldn’t be expected to invest himself to any great degree in a child’s life. Men were disposable. Still looking for the prince of their fairy tales, these women embarked on an endless search for the one who would heal the deep hurt and fill the missing places in their lonely hearts. The happy ending for the princess was over, but their children still lived. Collateral damage, they were cast adrift.

The Vietnam War complicated everything. Young men were sent off to have the rest of their idealism destroyed and upon their return these survivors were dishonored and hated. Those who never saw the things they saw and never experienced the things they did would never know the hell they had just walked through, the good men they watched die horrible deaths for reasons they could not justify. These broken men married wives and had children who were destined to become widows and orphans while a living father remained under the same roof.

The walking ghosts back from Vietnam and the rebellious draft dodgers had much in common. All were disillusioned. Both groups joined together with shared drug use and a third group, the righteous majority, persecuted them. Their marriages were doomed to fail, and the kids they produced walked away wounded from a war they never learned about in history, the destruction of the family. These were children nurtured by endless sitcoms on television, Disney movies and Hallmark Channel, day care and grandmothers, take-out Chinese and phone-in pizzas. Most of what their spirits were fed, however, was more sinister, and a dark age of media reflected the soul of a broken nation. Latch-key kids taught their mothers how to program the video machines and when she left for work they quickly reset the parental controls. When she caught on, she was more proud of their abilities rather than reacting in shock from learning what they were watching. After all, life sucked. It was better they learned the raw truth now and avoid the disappointment later. The days of Sunday School were over.

Self gratification rose to epic proportions and parental guilt was capitalized on by these narcissistic hatch-lings. No more faith in any benevolent deity, no more senseless idealism, no more apple pie after church suppers. The family had become a place to escape, if it even existed. Death was more to be desired than life. Look around and see the end product of consecutive generations of fatherless. They fill the nation, the land of the free and home of the brave. Truly, they are brave.

I applaud you who are still standing, you who never knew a father’s love, you who remain determined within your spirit to enjoy this gift of life, a life given to you by a father. It may be the only good thing he will ever give you. The Bible has an interesting way of measuring a soul’s declaration of love for God. It pins the sum total of that love on how one regards the abandoned and the fatherless. Apparently this has been going on for a long time. It remains the focus of God’s attention and the way He keeps the score card of what matters in this life of human interaction. He has called it right. True religion is the way we treat the abandoned, the fatherless, the widows, the ones who never knew who they were supposed to be. Fathers are supposed to give that gift, the gift of identity, the gift of worth. If the gift isn’t given, the need never goes away to have it. His Word tells us to look around to all of the needy and start giving it.

I have a Fatherless Day gift for you.

It is a song from Misty Edwards that will speak to your fatherless heart. We are all broken and we come from broken men, even the best of us are broken. It’s going to be all right, though. We can get our identity from our heavenly Father. He covers our weaknesses, our downfalls, our failings. He covers us and will never forsake us, unlike the rest of the world and the people living in it.

I also have a challenge. God measures our spirituality and our religious beliefs on how they translate to our willingness to love the fatherless. Since all ages in our nation today are satiated with widows and fatherless, how is our score card coming along with doing the loving thing?

Homeless with Jesus? What’s That?

Previously, I have referred to myself as homeless with Jesus and thought it would be good to bring some clarity to that statement. What does it mean to live homeless with Jesus? It has multiple meanings for me, one of which would be literal. If one loves Jesus, follows Him, serves Him in whatever capacity possible, and then becomes homeless, voila! There you go. You are now living homeless with Jesus.

Then there are those who grew up in houses (or not), maybe had families raising them (or didn’t ), but came to the realization that their supposed support system didn’t exist for their benefit. A home is much more than a house and when one is deprived, that hurting soul is well aware. Discovering they must raise themselves the best they could, the ones who lived became true survivalists. If along the journey in their extreme isolation they (by some Almighty miracle) also had the grace to discover a faith in a God who cared, then this would qualify as living homeless with Jesus.

Another way of interpreting living homeless with Jesus should include every Christian alive in the world. It is my contention that the Bible declares all who follow Him are homeless on this earth, pilgrims just passing through. Hebrews 13:12-14 tells us that here we have no continuing city, but we seek the one to come. Philippians 3:18 says our citizenship is in heaven. In Hebrews 11:13-16 we see that God’s favorite kids have a history of rejecting this world and love for the world’s ways.

The Message translation of the Bible has a simple way of looking at it. “Each one of these people of faith died not yet having in hand what was promised, but still believing. How did they do it? They saw it way off in the distance, waved their greeting, and accepted the fact that they were transients in this world. People who live this way make it plain that they are looking for their true home. If they were homesick for the old country, they could have gone back any time they wanted. But they were after a far better country than that—heaven country. You can see why God is so proud of them, and has a City waiting for them.”

Another favorite verse that has kept me from giving up when things were the toughest is Hebrews 11:37-38, (NKJV) They were put to death by stoning, they were sawn in two, were tempted, were slain with the sword. They wandered about in sheepskins and goatskins, being destitute, afflicted, tormented of whom the world was not worthy. They wandered in deserts and mountains, in dens and caves of the earth. (And these were God’s good guys we’re talking about. We won’t even mention what they did to his only Son, God incarnate.) Particularly poignant for the time we find ourselves living in now, there are millions throughout the world being cruelly slaughtered for Christ. I have it on good authority that they will be eternally compensated for the momentary distress and suffering. The world’s thinking is upside down according to the way the Creator looks at things. He is makin’ a list and checking it often. Now is the time to have your name written on the Lamb’s Book of Life (Revelations 21:27) before you’re in that coffin.

Yes, I truly believe all Christians should consider themselves homeless for their short time here on earth. They should consider that everything good comes from God and he desires prosperity and blessings, both for their soul and their life, but that may not include huge mortgages, fancy large dwellings, the newest cars, the best of things money can buy, the most toys for the best boys, etc., etc. All of that may not be His plan for a life. An interesting Bible verse admonishes Christians to get jobs so that they can have money to give to the poor. I call it interesting because it appears to be so well hidden in the Bible that many have yet to find it. (Google Ephesians 4:28) Another verse tells us not to store up treasures here on earth, and another states for where your treasure is there your heart will be also. Could it be possible that treasure is for more than getting the things we believe will make us safe? Could we discover that the love we crave grows inside exponentially when we give it away? Are we the sum total of that which we choose to love? There are mysteries to be discovered in the seeming paradoxes of the Word and the truth revealed is a beacon of light against the darkness. Living homeless with Jesus will benefit anyone who considers it, both in this life and the next. I welcome you who would consider the journey, and I encourage those who are already on it. The best is yet to come!





It’s Happy Mother’s Day again, always a strange day for those who didn’t get mothers, had them die or leave, ended up with challenging or difficult mothers, or would rather just forget the mothers associated with this holiday. My message is just for you.

I must admit I probably had the best mother ever to live on earth. The problem was she only lasted about four years. What happened to me after her untimely demise is not something I am discussing today. My next book tells that story in detail. No, today I  would just like everyone to know that none of us are the final product of who or where we came from, in the sense that every decision we make either continues or changes what we are. We are the ones who choose. As soon as one decides that they have great value, they begin to walk in the direction which validates that.

Those who always wanted to believe that they were special were absolutely correct to think that way, even when everything around them was more convincing otherwise. Circumstances do affect our lives.  The same is true for the people in our lives and this to an even greater extent, but these both can influence deception. It is deception to think your experiences are related to the Creator’s love for you or that the words from another are directly proportional to what you deserve, that somehow your behavior must earn the recognition you need. The truth is you  were born to be a gift . That was the original intention. If it turned out otherwise then today is a new day. There are so many waiting for what only you can give, a certain understanding, compassion without judging, or a healing for their loneliness in a world they can’t seem to belong to.

This can be a happy Mother’s Day if only because it was a mother who brought you into this world. If that was the best she did then the world is richer because you made it. You are still here. Like me, you may never be able to pick out a Hallmark Card or call home. You may never have warm fuzzy memories of sitting around the family table and there may not be a picture you can post on Facebook at this time of year, but you are the message we all need to hear. Life, every life, is precious in His sight and His favorites are not measured by the sum total of their blessings, but simply by who they are.