In Whom Can We Trust?


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If it is learned that the state removes newborns who have just been delivered at hospitals and these taken for arbitrary causes, what parent would ever elect to risk delivering their precious babies at any hospital? If anyone’s infant can be taken without evidence of wrongdoing and without conviction from a trial before one’s accusers, then the truth is the ability to bring your precious bundle home may well depend upon the discretion of minimally educated Child Protective employees.

What incentive would these civil servants have to justify doing such a thing to American citizens, you may ask? It appears that their federally funded agencies and their careers stand to benefit from removing children. This unchecked, non-elected, and poorly supervised group of government employees have been granted authority to destroy families, incarcerate vulnerable infants and children while placing law-abiding citizens in a vice-like grip under color of law. The great irony is these babies are taken after parents have sought the best medical care for their families, chosen the safest possible situation to deliver, trusted their doctors with their lives and indirectly trusted their government.

Childbirth is one of the most precious times in a person’s life and also the time of greatest vulnerability. When anyone’s newborn can be taken without evidence of wrongdoing and without conviction from violating any law, then constitutional rights of all citizens have been effectively circumvented and rendered null and void. There is no defense against this tyranny. There is no protection. In essence, there are no parental rights. It would appear that any decisions parents make for their children must align with the wishes of those who own the child, the state. Who could ever feel safe living in a nation who claims ownership of our most precious possession, our children?

Baby Holm was incarcerated at birth, simply because his parents have a religious faith that runs counter to our politically correct current governmental indoctrination to dialectical humanism. Christian and Danielle Holm were horribly violated by those in whom they trusted with their lives. Christian Holm represents both his family and his beliefs well. He is an excellent spokesman for the unwitting cause he now finds himself in the center of. At the minimum please consider signing this petition. 

Christian believers worldwide presently live in a post-Christian society and are facing minority status in these historic and transitional times. Being reduced to irrelevancy, people of faith are quickly finding themselves subject to the intolerance and prejudice of a society which has grown up around them with counter beliefs. It is most unfortunate. With hatred increasing rampantly, none could be more severe than the crime which removes our rights to raise our own children, no pain worse than ripping our suckling newborns from our arms.

As an entire generation has been exposed to negative conditioning regarding anyone of faith, we have watched our legal and judicial system permeated with changes no longer protecting the vulnerable innocent. We have observed media and entertainment industries continuously mocking those who would take a stand for the Bible, contemporary literature slamming religious believers, the educational system completely sanitizing and removing any mention of the Judeo-Christian God from their curriculum, and the news media refusing to fairly represent any of the multitudes of Christian causes we are so passionately involved with. It is quite an anomaly that bad is now good and good is bad. Who can we call to defend us?

Who do we trust? Who do we turn to now? Can anyone question why we embrace and cling with all of our heart and all of our strength to our God? He alone will deliver us. He alone will care for all of our slain children and stolen babies. In our suffering, we will stand for not only our beliefs but our right to have them. This crime against Christian and Danielle Holm is universal to all. Our hearts are moved to action and our prayers accompany everything we now choose to do. I invite everyone to examine the matter and consider where your heart is because it will continue until something is done to protect us all from the stranglehold of this injustice, until something is done to bring all of the babies back home.



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