Last night it was perplexing the watch the various newscasters scrambling for something to say when they were forced to recognize who had just won the election. It was strange to watch them shaking their heads in disbelief at what they were witnessing. They called it the story of their lifetime saying it had never happened before and would probably never happen again. I call it perplexing because there was no surprise from the camp who pulled it off, only joy. It was a quiet American Revolution apparently if we are to believe they truly had no idea it was going on. It went off without a hitch and was a total victory for a demoralized population who had been fretting and stewing for many years. Elections and re-elections had not helped and hope was dwindling. We felt bound by invisible chains and searched in vain for a deliverer who would come and “let my people go free.”

What happened, you might ask? The machinery in place used for so long to control and manipulate the citizens of this great nation was disassembled, piece by piece, meme by meme, and hashtag by hashtag. It was a media revolt, a revolt against high crimes and misdemeanors, a revolt against lying, cheating and stealing from the people. Daily as the media ground out the normal diet of sewage and lies, we the people stopped swallowing. We dispensed our own version of the truth with the resources the social media freely and cheerfully provided. We learned to spot double-speak and propaganda; we learned to ignore well-compensated trolls, studying their manipulative and deceptive arguments. We studied Saul Alinsky, read the Qu’ran, reviewed our “actual” American History, and stopped feeling ashamed for everything we believed in. We stopped agreeing with everything that was force-fed and spit most of it out, quietly and unseen. The state propaganda was both mocked and rejected, but they never realized to what extent. After witnessing enough insults to our sensibilities, we learned to risk all and take a stand, spreading our new found courage throughout the internet. The fact that social media began censoring our conservative speech did not stop us. I don’t even think it slowed us down. We made alternative accounts to fight back when we were put in Facebook jail. We grew even more determined to have our free speech and grew a backbone where gelatine once resided. As the government forcefully eliminated our political “tea party” they were unable to prevent the one quietly moving as a wave across the nation. We learned to laugh at the slander and pushed forward with the truth. In short, we became the media, the true media.

It is unfortunate that it is no longer possible to trust the presently owned corporate news, the government elected officials, the schools, the medical profession, the courts, the administrative divisions of the government and even some of the leaders in the churches, but we will get over it. Now we are tied into a huge personal network sharing a common cause. It is a cause united behind the rule of law, respect for life (everyone’s), protection of the lives we have responsibility for, the Constitution, protecting our military of both civilian and armed forces, and love of freedom. It is a cause determined to rid shame and fear from religious beliefs, protect marriage and family, and uphold the delicate fabric of society within the Judeo-Christian moral and legal structure. It is a cause filled with hope for restoration.

After such a long dry season of waiting, the greatest news for all of us was to find someone willing to lead. It was someone who listened to the groanings of the people, someone who put their ear to the ground to hear the cry for relief, and someone who would be willing to sacrifice everything to accept the challenge. For all of those who were unable to silence the revolt against this present government, it is time for them to be properly introduced to the previously silent majority. Trump may be chief sinner on The Hill, he may be a wild card, and he may even be completely unmanageable, but we are happy to announce we finally found someone to say, “You’re fired!”


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