Learning that Obama spent over three hours privately at the White House with the Black Lives Matter leaders, it is my opinion that our community-organizer-in-chief must be getting excited to try out his new United Nations police force. He has artfully both undermined and attacked the civilian military we now have, and step two is ready to go.

Curious about step one? It has been brilliantly masterminded, and an army of well placed individuals have brought it about. Obama has only been required to sign his name and do the other thing he does best. Organize. All the federal agencies, from the benevolent accountants of the Internal Revenue Service to the innocuous offices of the Department of Education, now have many new military toys they can play with for the first time. Our actual military has been decimated, humiliated, and pesky generals at the top all fired.

Remember the Strong Cities signed into law with the stroke of his pen? This order allowed an international police force to become involved with our citizens and this police force is not required to take an oath of loyalty to our constitution. This executive order also contained a clause for universal weapons confiscation. July 1, 2016, another executive order was signed, entitled United States Policy on Pre- and Post- Strike Measures to Address Civilian Casualties in U.S. Operations Involving the Use of Force. This one has managed to do away with that irritating Posse comitatus thing and now we can all be shot or caged without the preliminary requirement of outside aggression. This beautiful little document allows the president to declare martial law during peace time. Google it. It is an interesting read and another piece of constitutional disassembly slipped in while everyone was busy with daily life, trusting our government to know what is best for us. We were all waiting to see how he would be able to declare martial law in order to perpetuate his new dynasty of change in America. The final details have been arranged.

Plans can change. What if they declared a war and nobody came? We have the choice to pray for our nation and our thin (very thin) first line of defense, the cops and fireman. We have the choice to decide who we are as a true patriot of everything this nation stands for, a nation under God, a nation of all people groups living together and loving one another in peaceful harmony, a nation who would give their life for one we do not know just because we care.

This is a good day to stay at home, locked and loaded. If you are on the BLM parade circuit it might be a nice day to visit some friends who are not. Bring the pets and the photo albums. If the house burns you won’t care so much. I’m sorry. We all want a peaceful life. Sometimes that can’t be arranged. This is our come to Jesus moment. No really, you should. You should come to Jesus. Then you should decide how you want to come to Jesus. How do you want to be found right before you see Him, and what do you want to be found doing these final days of your life? Make it count because it does matter. You matter, and you matter to Him.


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