It’s Happy Mother’s Day again, always a strange day for those who didn’t get mothers, had them die or leave, ended up with challenging or difficult mothers, or would rather just forget the mothers associated with this holiday. My message is just for you.

I must admit I probably had the best mother ever to live on earth. The problem was she only lasted about four years. What happened to me after her untimely demise is not something I am discussing today. My next book tells that story in detail. No, today I  would just like everyone to know that none of us are the final product of who or where we came from, in the sense that every decision we make either continues or changes what we are. We are the ones who choose. As soon as one decides that they have great value, they begin to walk in the direction which validates that.

Those who always wanted to believe that they were special were absolutely correct to think that way, even when everything around them was more convincing otherwise. Circumstances do affect our lives.  The same is true for the people in our lives and this to an even greater extent, but these both can influence deception. It is deception to think your experiences are related to the Creator’s love for you or that the words from another are directly proportional to what you deserve, that somehow your behavior must earn the recognition you need. The truth is you  were born to be a gift . That was the original intention. If it turned out otherwise then today is a new day. There are so many waiting for what only you can give, a certain understanding, compassion without judging, or a healing for their loneliness in a world they can’t seem to belong to.

This can be a happy Mother’s Day if only because it was a mother who brought you into this world. If that was the best she did then the world is richer because you made it. You are still here. Like me, you may never be able to pick out a Hallmark Card or call home. You may never have warm fuzzy memories of sitting around the family table and there may not be a picture you can post on Facebook at this time of year, but you are the message we all need to hear. Life, every life, is precious in His sight and His favorites are not measured by the sum total of their blessings, but simply by who they are.


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